We believe in the power of Discovery.

With roots in aerospace, we provide a level of consumer product design and engineering that is unmatched in the industry.

Lets Turn That Idea Into Reality.

We are a hardware development and venture firm. We leverage our massive aerospace engineering experience and industry contacts to help your company design, iterate, and manufacture.


Great product design is critical and requires attention to detail, fit, finish, and UX. We will help you get to the point where customers just can't turn away.


It's a process, and we'll guide you. We're just as comfortable with foam core as we are with SolidWorks. Together, we'll iterate to the perfect solution.


We sweat the small stuff. Perfect material selection, optimized design through finite element analysis, and highly accurate and detailed BOM's are just the start of what we do.

Do you believe in the power of Discovery?

Gossamer is looking for passionate entrepreneurs who have both an innovative product and a story to tell. We expect you to push the boundaries while we provide the technical expertise.