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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gossamer?

Gossamer is a hardware/product development and venture firm. We are a group of experienced engineers and manufacturing specialists, as well as strategists, designers, UX specialists, and software developers who will guide startups and established companies through the product development cycle. We are based in the Dallas area, but we work with clients across America. We are completely location agnostic.

Who do you want to work with?

Most importantly, our ideal client has a truly innovative product or business model and a compelling story to tell. We love businesses built on passion and desire. For startups, we would love to find clients that have existing traction with success in the seed funding round. We also love bleeding edge technical challenges. But none of that is written in stone, and we review every pitch deck sent to us. For established and experienced companies, we love working with teams that are open to challenging the norm. We certainly don't mind working within tight constraints, but we've found the most exciting solutions come from groups that are flexible from the top down.

Do you invest money?

Currently, no. We operate as a product development consultancy and we will work for flat fee, royalty, equity, or some combination of the three. Our strength lies in full stack product development, and that's what we plan on concentrating our efforts in the foreseeable future.

Why would I choose Gossamer?

We have decades of experience in aerospace design, engineering, and manufacturing. On top of that, we have a world class team of strategists, designers, researchers, and software developers that have worked with some of the world's largest clients. We only know how to operate to the highest standards. This quality translates into quicker product development time, shorter CM feedback cycles, and ultimately, a more profitable process for our clients.